Lion King Musical

I’m kind of stepping back in time here, however I didn’t have this blog when I went to the Lion King and so far this year it’s been the best thing that’s happened.

For Christmas my lovely boyfriend Nathan treated me to tickets to see this musical in February it was suppose to be a surprise, however he was too worried about what I think that he asked if he could tell me before he went ahead, obviously I said yes because I’m rubbish with surprises as I’m super nosy yet as soon as he said I was ecstatic.

    A few pictures taken from our day in London.

The show started at 2.30 pm and I remember finally getting in our seats and just being so excited and giddy.  I hadn’t really spoken to many people about the show so I had no idea what to expect however the opening scene had me crying with happiness, I don’t want to say what happened because I feel like it could ruin it for anyone else reading this and wanting to see it.

I thought the actors were brilliant, the songs were just perfectly sung and I really wanted to sing along however the audience didn’t really seem inclined to do that so I felt a bit shy in being the only one. The stage was so incredibly built and colourful which is what you want for the Lion King.  I just honestly can’t express how happy I was that day.

It’s certainly made me want to see more musicals and for my birthday coming up I’ve actually asked for tickets to see Aladdin which is another favourite Disney film of mine.

If your stuck for a musical to see or want to surprise someone then I can’t recommend this enough.

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4 thoughts on “Lion King Musical

  1. I saw this musical live many years ago and I was only in elementary school then. I don’t remember seeing it live at all. So I know I need to see it again sometime and next year, it is coming to my hometown and I am hoping I will get to go.

    Glad you enjoyed seeing Lion King. I love seeing musicals


    1. Thanks for commenting! Can’t believe someone actually read this post haha 🙂

      It was such a lovely experience and I’m so excited to see more, when I was younger I saw Mamma Mia and Grease but like you it’s harder to remember. Hope you get to see the Lion King again.


      1. I recently revisited some of the songs and I fell in love with them. My mom likes to call me her expensive child. Well, the earliest musical I remembered seeing was Wicked on Broadway, but the only thing I remember about that experience was that Popular was my favorite.

        It is crazy seeing that the two of us just happen to share the same name


      2. Wow that sounds amazing, I’ve heard so many good things about Wicked so I’ll definitely have to add that to my list of musicals to watch.

        I know I clicked on your profile and saw your name was Meg too hehe, I’ve followed you by the way and will have a look at your posts 🙂


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